Friday, 28 September 2012


So London fashion week is over for another season & what an impact the fashion houses & designers have had on us all here at Ego Towers! With fabulously sculptured pieces towering over the catwalks from Philip Treacy to fantastically futuristic fringing from Mark Fast it seams there is something for everyone to explore there alter egos with! 

This fashion week saw trends in abundance. One distinctive trend was the comeback of block colours which were seen at the Jonathan Saunders, Topshop Unique, Paul Smith & PPQ shows. 

Next up shimmery metallics which are all set to be hot news next Spring/Summer. One stand out designer was most definitely the iconic Burberry.  The collection included classic capes & trenches – of course all with a twist of foiled metallics in an array of shades from purple, pink, lilac to blue & green. Another designer to take metallics to another level was Mark Fast whom teamed up sumptuous pastel tones with extreme fringing, another huge trend set for SS13.  

Over sized biker jackets in all sorts of prints from House of Holland's 90s grunge-esq pastel paint which he then completely switched up to metallics.

Sassy peekaboo sheer/transparent fabrics mixed with delicate embroidery were a hit on the catwalk. Mark Fast went for the staple of any women's wardrobe the body-con shape & brought it right back up to date with sheer risque detailing.

One of my favourite designers has got to b the one & only ASHISH! My love for sequins is hardly a secret if only they were "every day wear! " Well the new collection by ASHISH has combined both cool relaxed shirts, oversize tee's with baggy blue denim jeans & cotton tracksuit bottoms.....all with a sprinkle of sparkle with his signature sequins! Contrasting the baggy sweats & denim was floor length fitted sequinned gowns in pale peach and midnight blue, both of which were accessorised with Reebok trainers and mismatched sequin socks. Who would have thought such oddly mismatched outfits could work so well.....East London kool kids eat your heart out!  

Lastly if ever we have been inspired here at Alter Ego it would be the king of sculpture Philip Treacy! Legend in his own right he opened his show with the one & only Lady Gaga in a fuchsia who would have ever thrown those elements together? The models all wore original Micheal Jackson costumes which were a world exclusive, the outfits are due to be auctioned on 2nd December in Beverly Hills, California. So what is Philip Treacy famous for? Pushing the envelope in very way in the world of  millinery & this season is no different. Hats and headdresses took centre stage bigger and brighter than any you’ll have seen before, more like works of architecture. Featured in the show was a mohawk helmet with Swarovski embellishments, a smiley face, a Neverland crown & LED-lit body cocoon....!!

Thank you LFW for another truly inspirational week. See you next year! xx

Friday, 21 September 2012



(click for larger images)

Upon first impressions, one might assume the use of skulls slightly controversial. But Lauren Baker's beautiful twist on something that is usually associated with death carries a wealth of spirituality and happiness where otherwise expected. 

Over the last year, Lauren has excelled through the art world going from strength to strength, endorsed by galleries and celebrities alike, and she shows no sign of slowing down. From hosting one of the Tate Modern's most successful workshops with her Damian Hirst inspired event, 'Living Dead', through to her skulls making an appearance in George Michael's music video featuring Kate Moss, Lauren is fast becoming hot property. Her distinct skull art makes for exquisite wall-candy, lavishly adorned and  embellished with treasures that celebrate life and hope of bringing luck to the living. Upon meeting Lauren, a woman who carries a very positive and kind energy, it is no surprise to understand how she has taken something often affiliated with sadness and turned it into something quite beautifully inspirational. 

Her creations are made from ethically sourced deer skulls that are gilded in gold leaf and embellished with beads and mosaics; and dramatic brightly embellished human skulls, inspired by the Mexican Day of the Dead. Lauren explains, “Each skull has a different energy and personality and I name them accordingly. My aim is to give each deer an enchanted afterlife, restoring the skulls into something beautiful and treasured.”

Conscious in her work, Lauren is committed to sourcing skulls ethically, meaning she never buys the skulls of animals killed for sport. She maintains strong links with The Deer Society, which ensures deer flourish in harmony with their environment.

“People are intrinsically drawn to skulls,” Lauren explains. “They are sacred and alluring, reminding us of both the beauty of life and the certainty of death. There is mystery and power in every skull. Skulls are celebrated at the Day of the Dead celebrations in the hopes of bringing luck to the living. I wanted to bring elements of that metaphysical power into my designs.”

Setting new boundaries for the ancient art of mosaics and twists on modern taxidermy, Lauren Baker is one of London's most exciting emerging artists of now. 

(Mosaic shoe collaboration - Summer 2012 Collection. Shoe design by Joanne Stoker and mosaic artwork by Lauren Baker)

You can catch Lauren Baker exhibiting at Designersblock, Royal Festival Hall, Southbank Centre : Details here Lauren Baker at Design Week, or follow her here.

Alter Ego Hero!


We're LOVING Leopards Lunch's new 'Zoomanity' and 'Expressions' illustrations. Inspired by the relationship between animal and human behaviour, Kate Philipson captures the animal within in this beautiful set of artwork. Prints are available on her website :, and follow Kate here : ♥

 "Wolf Whistle", Zoomanity Series 
"She Wolf", Zoomanity Series
 "Nice Kitty", Zoomanity Series
  "Cheetah Girl", Expressions Series.
"Tiger Tiger", Expressions Series.
Bendy Mehndi – for a new Indian inspired project

Tuesday, 14 August 2012


At Alter Ego we loving nothing more than seeing strong, fierce women express their individuality through the way they dress. We were therefore saddened to read about the death last week of hugely inspirational Italian fashion writer and style icon Anna Piaggi. 

Well known for her trademark blue hair, signature hats and eccentric (to put it mildly!) style, Anna was one of the most photographed women in Italy and a muse to designers and photographers around the world.

Journalist, stylist and editor – Anna’s career in the fashion industry spanned over five decades, but it was her work in Italian Vogue for which she was most celebrated. In particular, Anna’s flamboyant, creative double page spreads (or ‘doppie pagine’ in Italian).

Not one to follow trends, Anna’s extraordinary style appears to have been influenced by anything and everything - pirates, punks, pearly queens, slogans and suffragettes are just a few of the influences apparent in her outfits over the years. A true fashion eccentric who was unafraid to take risks, Anna once said “Fashion must relate to the moment. It has to be immediate...I could use a monkey, a refrigerator. Whatever, it must correspond to the moment.”

Known for her endless array of colourful, exuberant outfits, Anna owned over 3,000 dresses and hundreds of pairs of shoes spanning more than 200 years in age. Some of these were documented in Fashionology, the V&A museum exhibition in 2006, of which Anna (and indeed, her style) was the subject matter.

As we here at Alter Ego pay tribute to Anna’s individuality, risk taking attitude and sense of self expression, we are sure that her influence will continue to reverberate  throughout the fashion world for years to come.xx

Monday, 6 August 2012


It's official - surprisingly we have been sucked royally into the Olympics, finding ourselves glued to rowing, swimming, gymnastics and a plethora of disciplines of sport we didn't even know existed. We've been shouting, jeering, and choking up with patriarchy and emotion to what can only be described as the greatest show this country has ever seen - and what a proud, exciting, and inspiring performance the Brits have put on. 

The admiration and support for what these athletes endure to be the best they can be has evoked a passion and vibe throughout the UK and leads a positive example to younger generations that the UK has been crying out for. 

We're going to finish our rant with particular reference to JESS ENNIS... World, European, and Olympic Winner of the Hepthalon, smashing her opponents by a clear 306 points, she is crowned the world's best all-round female athlete. Take example from this great woman of our time who has smashed empowerment for women with every step, throw and jump she has performed at this 2012 Olympics... If only Alter Ego were involved, we'd definitely have her competing in some sort of power shouldered, feathered, sequin, sexy catsuit of some description! 

Enjoy riding the wave and jovial spirit of these games, this is something that only happens once in a lifetime :) x

Thursday, 7 June 2012


It's not every day that you can say "We're off to Ibiza to work..." and I'm still not convinced that people really believe us. We've most certainly had our fair share of trips to the White Isle, with generous sprinkles of hedonism through to soaking up the spiritual beauty of this mystifying and beautiful island as it should be enjoyed. So to return with 'work' to do was a rather exciting prospect for us all, for the launch of Alter Ego is almost upon us, and this was a day that will stay with us forever. 
"Ohhhh, must I?!" Someone's gotta do it... Cher touches up Ana's make up 
Samara Morris works those thighs as she photographs Ana in 'Lovechild'

Surrounded by an extreme-team that Prince's all-female band would be envious of (Ollie you can be Prince!) Alter Ego set upon a stunning villa in the hills that overlooked the golden and deep blue bays of the island. Even San An from this vantage point looked like the Bahamas. Enveloped in lush green mountains and basked by the sun, we had to pinch ourselves on several occasions  to believe that it was real, a far cry from a life in London. 
The Lynx Effect - Ollie & The Girls : A prosecco lunch break!

The line up was heavyweight... Not in actual body weight, in skills. And somehow, us jammy little dodgers have a gaggle of incredibly talented close friends who have given us the platform and support to push Alter Ego on to higher places, for which we will be eternally grateful. 
Gorgeous Ana made up with juicy lips and dewy make up by Cher

Catching the orange glow of the sunset light as the sun dropped into the ocean view before our eyes

Shooting into the night and finishing on an elated high, we wrapped up what was an incredible day of shooting the Alter Ego launch campaign. Thank you (from the bottom of our ego's!) to the fabulous team around us, we couldn't have done it without you all. Can't WAIT to bring our followers the finished article of Boutique Alter Ego, SO WATCH THIS SPACE! 

Of course the fun in Ibiza wasn't to end there. We had DC10 to descend upon and a tear-jerking beautiful wedding of two of our closest friends, all on the same day. To our joy there were some fashion trend spotters dancing to the DC10 beats - the world's largest and leading fashion service, WGSN spotted some of our crew wearing Alter Ego at DC10 opening, and wearing it WELL! Looking fly girls! 

The biggest congratulations and hugest love from our trip goes out to Mel & Pete Zorba, who shared the most magical day with us all. Absolutely stunning couple and the bringing together of two soul mates... it was an honour to share your special day with you. 

For that matter and whilst we're here, can all of our friends stop being so much goddamn fun?! We have a serious addiction to you ALL! 

Model : Ana Tanaka 
Photographer : Samara Morris
Make Up : Cher Webb
Behind The Scenes Video : Ollie Mundy 
Alter Ego Team : Lisa Carolan, Emma-Jane Ireland, Sue Clarke, Becka Cutler 

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Why we've been, Oh So Quiet...SSSHHH SSSSHHH

We've been a bit quiet of late! But we've been beavering away getting ready to launch Alter Ego, so we're looking forward to bringing you some exciting new treasures to you made with love, a new website, and generally more jujj!! In the meantime a few lovely things have been happening, first one being our Alter Ego 'Obsession' harness has just been featured in uber cool fashion forward, Factice Magazine in a hot shoot by photographer, Marianne Paraskeva. 

Here she is! Alter Ego Obsession harness... saucy little minx... 

Photographer: Marianne Paraskeva
Stylist: Laura Jane
Hair & Make up: Bunny Allen

Friday, 2 March 2012

Alter Ego Cocosa's 'One's To Watch'

Cocosa's (designer website) new blog interviews Alter Ego and concludes we're ones to watch for 2012. :)