Thursday, 7 June 2012


It's not every day that you can say "We're off to Ibiza to work..." and I'm still not convinced that people really believe us. We've most certainly had our fair share of trips to the White Isle, with generous sprinkles of hedonism through to soaking up the spiritual beauty of this mystifying and beautiful island as it should be enjoyed. So to return with 'work' to do was a rather exciting prospect for us all, for the launch of Alter Ego is almost upon us, and this was a day that will stay with us forever. 
"Ohhhh, must I?!" Someone's gotta do it... Cher touches up Ana's make up 
Samara Morris works those thighs as she photographs Ana in 'Lovechild'

Surrounded by an extreme-team that Prince's all-female band would be envious of (Ollie you can be Prince!) Alter Ego set upon a stunning villa in the hills that overlooked the golden and deep blue bays of the island. Even San An from this vantage point looked like the Bahamas. Enveloped in lush green mountains and basked by the sun, we had to pinch ourselves on several occasions  to believe that it was real, a far cry from a life in London. 
The Lynx Effect - Ollie & The Girls : A prosecco lunch break!

The line up was heavyweight... Not in actual body weight, in skills. And somehow, us jammy little dodgers have a gaggle of incredibly talented close friends who have given us the platform and support to push Alter Ego on to higher places, for which we will be eternally grateful. 
Gorgeous Ana made up with juicy lips and dewy make up by Cher

Catching the orange glow of the sunset light as the sun dropped into the ocean view before our eyes

Shooting into the night and finishing on an elated high, we wrapped up what was an incredible day of shooting the Alter Ego launch campaign. Thank you (from the bottom of our ego's!) to the fabulous team around us, we couldn't have done it without you all. Can't WAIT to bring our followers the finished article of Boutique Alter Ego, SO WATCH THIS SPACE! 

Of course the fun in Ibiza wasn't to end there. We had DC10 to descend upon and a tear-jerking beautiful wedding of two of our closest friends, all on the same day. To our joy there were some fashion trend spotters dancing to the DC10 beats - the world's largest and leading fashion service, WGSN spotted some of our crew wearing Alter Ego at DC10 opening, and wearing it WELL! Looking fly girls! 

The biggest congratulations and hugest love from our trip goes out to Mel & Pete Zorba, who shared the most magical day with us all. Absolutely stunning couple and the bringing together of two soul mates... it was an honour to share your special day with you. 

For that matter and whilst we're here, can all of our friends stop being so much goddamn fun?! We have a serious addiction to you ALL! 

Model : Ana Tanaka 
Photographer : Samara Morris
Make Up : Cher Webb
Behind The Scenes Video : Ollie Mundy 
Alter Ego Team : Lisa Carolan, Emma-Jane Ireland, Sue Clarke, Becka Cutler