Tuesday, 14 August 2012


At Alter Ego we loving nothing more than seeing strong, fierce women express their individuality through the way they dress. We were therefore saddened to read about the death last week of hugely inspirational Italian fashion writer and style icon Anna Piaggi. 

Well known for her trademark blue hair, signature hats and eccentric (to put it mildly!) style, Anna was one of the most photographed women in Italy and a muse to designers and photographers around the world.

Journalist, stylist and editor – Anna’s career in the fashion industry spanned over five decades, but it was her work in Italian Vogue for which she was most celebrated. In particular, Anna’s flamboyant, creative double page spreads (or ‘doppie pagine’ in Italian).

Not one to follow trends, Anna’s extraordinary style appears to have been influenced by anything and everything - pirates, punks, pearly queens, slogans and suffragettes are just a few of the influences apparent in her outfits over the years. A true fashion eccentric who was unafraid to take risks, Anna once said “Fashion must relate to the moment. It has to be immediate...I could use a monkey, a refrigerator. Whatever, it must correspond to the moment.”

Known for her endless array of colourful, exuberant outfits, Anna owned over 3,000 dresses and hundreds of pairs of shoes spanning more than 200 years in age. Some of these were documented in Fashionology, the V&A museum exhibition in 2006, of which Anna (and indeed, her style) was the subject matter.

As we here at Alter Ego pay tribute to Anna’s individuality, risk taking attitude and sense of self expression, we are sure that her influence will continue to reverberate  throughout the fashion world for years to come.xx

Monday, 6 August 2012


It's official - surprisingly we have been sucked royally into the Olympics, finding ourselves glued to rowing, swimming, gymnastics and a plethora of disciplines of sport we didn't even know existed. We've been shouting, jeering, and choking up with patriarchy and emotion to what can only be described as the greatest show this country has ever seen - and what a proud, exciting, and inspiring performance the Brits have put on. 

The admiration and support for what these athletes endure to be the best they can be has evoked a passion and vibe throughout the UK and leads a positive example to younger generations that the UK has been crying out for. 

We're going to finish our rant with particular reference to JESS ENNIS... World, European, and Olympic Winner of the Hepthalon, smashing her opponents by a clear 306 points, she is crowned the world's best all-round female athlete. Take example from this great woman of our time who has smashed empowerment for women with every step, throw and jump she has performed at this 2012 Olympics... If only Alter Ego were involved, we'd definitely have her competing in some sort of power shouldered, feathered, sequin, sexy catsuit of some description! 

Enjoy riding the wave and jovial spirit of these games, this is something that only happens once in a lifetime :) x